professional Plasterers and Painters
Glasgow and Edinburgh

We are a team of professional Plasterers and Painters covering Glasgow and surrounding areas.

Our services include plastering, painting, wallpapering and exterior painting for all Residential and Commercial Properties

Residential & Commercial Painting & Decorating

You pick the colour, we do the rest

We approach every job from the customer’s point of view. We bring years of experience and professionalism to your home, and always do things in the way we would want them done in our own home. When you hire us we will work with you to deliver the results you expect.

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Residential & Commercial Plastering

Professional plastering techniques

We take full responsibility for the quality of every job. We check our work between painting and plastering and on completion to make sure the quality of our work is as high as both our clients and our own expectations demand. If any job needs extra attention our team responds quickly and efficiently.

Our team has extensive training and we act with integrity and initiative at all times. From the walls of the new office space to spraying the ceiling of the new showroom, we handle all types of commercial plastering and painting.

If you are considering work in a commercial location where a business is up and running, downtime must always be a concern. We know the importance of being flexible for commercial clients, sometimes this means painting before or after hours of operation. We will work with you to schedule a flexible timetable to ensure as little disruption as possible to your business

Exterior Plastering and Painting

Smooth or Textured Plastering

Quality finish

Exterior painting needs special preparation and consideration to the materials used. We select the best materials for the job in hand from window frames, outside doors and exterior walls to special treatments for garden sheds. You simply discuss the colour scheme and we will advise you on quality and cost of the materials required.

If your property needs exterior plastering we will discuss the level of preparation needed before work can commence and advise you on the final finish of the work.